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Food                    Friendship                 Conversation

To quote a very wise international who has been part of the Network of Nations Intercultural Café, “Network of Nations is one of the rare places where we feel the warmth of family.” That is what Café is all about. It is a place where there is great free food brought every week by people who care for internationals. It is a place where friendships form that make you feel like you are a part of a family. Finally, the Intercultural Café is a place where you can have great conversation as you get to know other internationals and Americans.

Every Friday a simple meal is provided in a neutral setting. It is a place where internationals are able to learn about other cultures in a relaxed environment, celebrate certain holidays and sometimes you will even be treated to international music, food and dance.

The Café is also a great place to share announcements that will be of interest to others and learn about upcoming special events.

The Intercultural Café meets at 511 Russell Rd in DeKalb, at Immanuel Lutheran Church. This is only a few minutes from the Northern Illinois University Holmes Student Center.